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 Sundown is a transhumanist, cyberpunk science-fantasy game where you shoot giant winged frogs and crows the shape of dogs with medieval railguns while floatstone tycoons pillage the land and steal homesteads out from underneath their families.

You are a drifter: a wandering problem-solver shunned by society for daring to alter the skin given to you by The Divine.

Forge your own way through Sundown in this short campaign-length rules-light tabletop roleplaying game for 2 - 6 players, and weave your story of survival and belonging over endless sessions of play.

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Hi. I just purchased my copy of Sundown and after opening it up I noticed that most of the artwork in the book are what look like rough placeholder sketches. I was wondering if there was a version of the book with the full artwork and there might have been a mix up or if this just is how the finished product was intended to look. Thanks.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply, that is indeed what the art is supposed to look like. The book has both full color art and sketchbook-style pieces.


Sundown is a fantasy western pen-and-paper rpg. You play as wanderers in a post-colonized, psuedo-american-west where both faith and biopunk magic are powerful tools.

It's 262 pages, making for a *very* meaty core book.

Structure-wise, the layout is clean and readable, and there's a lot of yellow and blue colors to break up the text and give it some contrast. This works really well, it isn't garish, and it makes reading a page feel a lot easier than if it were a multiple blocks of black text.

There's only a little art in the first 80 pages, but there's quite a bit after that, and the bestiary in particular is a standout packed with adorable critters.

Setting-wise, this is a game that is *absolutely* rich with world-building, and it's probably going to appeal the most to gamers who like the feeling of being in another world. Tons of locations, cultures, creatures, belief systems, histories, etc are defined---and they're thankfully well-organized, making it easy for the GM to refresh on the fly their memory of whatever thing the PCs have just stumbled onto.

There's also a lot of cool fiction included in the book, and you're effectively getting a selection of short stories along with your gaming product.

Mechanically, Sundown is pretty minimalist, but with some cool flourishes. It's d6, target number, with small bonuses sometimes affecting the roll. Advantage and Disadvantage, ala 5e, are present, and are token-based---so there is some gameplay around saving your tokens for key rolls. Damage is done through three damage tracks, and only advances one step at a time down a given track, so you're never at risk of being one-shotted. Furthermore, you can intentionally take damage to boost rolls, and every time you take damage you gain some of the game's exp/money currency.

Overall, if you like Dogs In The Vineyard, Fallen London, or weird west stories in general, and if your ideal crunch-levels are low-to-medium, I'd recommend picking up a copy of Sundown.

Minor Issues:

-The illustrations seem to cause my pdf to hang for a minute. I can't tell if that's a pdf issue or purely a me issue.


Thank you so much for the effort and thought that went into this!
(and it a little bit made my day)


Thank you for writing Sundown!

I also just bought the softcover, but I don't think my itch.io account had my address when i made the purchase. I have it now, but I'm not sure if you got it

I didn't receive it, I'll be sending you an email shortly! Thanks!


I just bought the Sundown Softcover, but I couldn't tell if Paypal provided the address or not, because I had it set to automated. Can you confirm it went through? 

Hi! I didn't get your address, so I'll be sending an email shortly about that. Sorry! We'll get you the book asap 😊