A downloadable Crochet RPG

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Designed for 3 players
Designed to last around 1-2 hours
You'll need yarn, crochet hooks, paper, and pens to play. 
This game is heavily emotional and requires a lot of using your hands, please bring safety tools & take breaks frequently if needed.

Hooked on You is a game created for Jammi Jam Jam, based on several influences from Jammi's work. The two biggest inspirations for this game were Their Love Destroyed This Land and Stories of Love In Manila. It uses crochet and maps to tell a story about love, heartbreak, and moving forward. This is the first game Nova has ever published, and fae're very excited about it! 

Weave your own tale of heartbreak and bonds with yarn and two friends!  This game is designed to be playable for people who have never crocheted before! Instructions on how to crochet are included.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Great game, I am totally hooked on it!

Thank you! We're glad you like it!